Insa Rei Tova

Lithe Small White Haired



Character Name Insa-Rei Tova Species: Human
Gender Female Age 16
Height 5’2" Build Lithe/Athletic
Hair White Eyes Grey
Career Sentinel
Specialization(s) Shadow
Obligation(s) Independence/Coldness (+5 exp +1000cr)
Motivations Discovery/Self To find out who her parents where and thereby find out who She is.
Brawn 2 Agility 4 Intellect 2
Cunning 3 Willpower 2 Presence 2
Wounds: > 12/
Strain: > 12/
Soak: > 2(3)
Defense: > 0/0

|Experience Total |: 115 |Available-Earned |: 0 |

4! General Skills
Name Career Ranks Dice Pool
Astrogation (In) N 0 GG
Athletics (Br) N 1 GY
Charm (Pr) N 0 GG
Coercion (Wi) N 0 GG
Computers (In) C 1 GY
Cool (Pr) N 1 GY
Coordination (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Deception (Cu) C 0 GGG
Discipline (Wi) N 0 GG
Leadership (Pr) N 0 GG
Mechanics (In) N 0 GG
Medicine (In) N 0 GG
Negotiation (Pr) N 0 GG
Perception (Cu) C 0 GG
Pilot (Planetary) (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Pilot (space) (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Resilience (Br) N 0 GG
Skulduggery (Cu) C 1 GGY
Stealth (Ag) C 1 GGGY
Streetwise (Cu) C 1 GGY
Survival (Cu) N 0 GG
Vigilance (Wi) N 0 GG
Combat Skills
Name Career Ranks Dice Pool
Brawl (Br) N 1 GY
Gunnery (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Lightsaber (Br) N 0 GG
Melee (Br) N 0 GG
Ranged (Light) (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag) N 0 GGGG
Knowledge Skills
Name Career Ranks Dice Pool
Core Worlds (In) C 0 GG
Education (In) N 0 GG
Lore (In)(Define the lore) N 0 GG
Outer Rim (In) N 0 GG
Underworld (In) C 1 GY
Warfare (In) N 0 GG
Xenology (In) N 0 GG

Dice Types
Ability/G Boost/B Challenge/R Difficulty/P Force/W
Proficient/Y Setback/S

Name Description Page
None None N/A
Holdout Blaster
Ranged (Light) Damage 5 Crit 4 Range Medium Encum 1 Hp 1 Price 150 Rarity 4 Special: Stun setting Mods none

Backpack (+4 Enc)
-Slicer gear 2 Enc
-5 Ration packs 0 Enc
-Breather Mask 1 Enc
-Climbing Gear 1 Enc

Utility Belt (+1 Enc)
-Commlink 0 Enc
-2 Stimpaks 0 Enc
-Reload 1Enc

Heavy Clothes 0 Enc (worn)

Total Encumbrance 1

Insa-Rei-Tova was an orphan, not knowing what her family’s original was or where she came from. What she does remember is that her parents died when she was 4 or 5 on a ship. She doesn’t even know where they were headed.. All she knows is that she was tossed out by the ships crew when they docked at XXXX (space station) when the crew told her her parents had died. They didn’t even tell her how they had died. She remembers the ship had the image of a red bird on it’s side.

From there she spent her life scraping for food and staying out of the authorities hands, For people in authority were treacherous and not to be trusted. She spent most of her life on one space station or another, Stowing away on ships to go some where else when it seemed things were becoming to precarious with the authorities on the current station.

She learned to steal what she needed and to remain a ghost from the presences of the authorities as much as possible. At the age of 12, at least near as she can figure, she got caught by a the Crew of a smuggling ship she had stowed away on… The crew was determined to space her…. But the Captain, being fond of young girls, and seeing some potential uses for her, Kept them from doing so and made her is “personal assistant”. He called her his “Little Bird”.

Over the next 3 years, her time spent with the crew of the Raven Star was nightmarish to say the least, But she stayed strong and learned what she could to stay alive and to one day make her escape possible.

That day came. She had secretly drained off, over time, small portions of Coolant from the ships engines when she was sent into the smaller crawl spaces to do repairs. She spiked the crews stew that day, as they were Docked at a station, with the coolant. When it had incapacitated the crew, she made the her escape. She hope’d the Coolant would kill them all, but doesn’t know if Captain Rokar or any of his crew survived her treachery.

She took what small funds and Gear she could acquire and booked Passage on the first ship she could find away from the station and Fled.
She has remained on the move ever since, for the last year, trying to make her way in the galaxy and avoid those who might be after her.
She also hopes to one day learn who she really is, and where she is from.

Insa Rei Tova

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